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Drug Offenses

In California, drug offenses can carry severe penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, significant fines, and other life-altering consequences. California law prohibits a wide range of drug-related activities, including possession, sale, distribution, trafficking, and manufacturing of controlled substances.

The severity of the penalties for drug offenses depends on several factors, including the type and amount of the drug involved, the defendant's criminal history, and other aggravating circumstances. Some of the most commonly prosecuted drug offenses in California are:

1.    Health and Safety Code 11350(a) - Possession of a Controlled Substance: This includes the possession of illegal drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs without a valid prescription.
2.    Health and Safety Code 11351 - Possession with Intent to Sell: This includes possessing drugs with the intention of selling them, even if the sale did not actually occur.
3.    Health and Safety Code 11351 - Drug Trafficking: This includes the transport of illegal drugs across state or international borders.
4.    Health and Safety Code 11379.6 - Drug Manufacturing: This includes the production of illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine or marijuana.

Federal law imposes mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offenses, which means that judges must impose a minimum sentence regardless of the specific circumstances of the case. Additionally, federal drug laws provide for asset forfeiture, which allows the government to seize property and assets that are believed to be connected to drug-related crimes.


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