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Finding A Criminal Defense You Can Count On

After receiving criminal charges, you want to have a defense attorney on your side that you can trust to defend your rights and future. Not every California attorney offers their clients the same level of representation, so it is important to ensure the law firm you are considering to represent you has your best interests at heart.

Law Office of Ari S. Lieberman is dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation for those facing serious criminal charges in the San Diego area. Attorney Ari S. Lieberman is a knowledgeable trial lawyer with extensive experience in navigating the complexities of the courtroom. His background as a former prosecutor gives him unique insights into the strategies used by the opposition, making him a formidable advocate for his clients. With a strong emphasis on communication, clients can expect regular updates and direct access to their attorney.

Why Choose Ari S. Lieberman

Ari S. Lieberman began his legal career as a prosecutor, where he gained valuable experience in criminal defense cases, including white collar crimes, fraud and insurance fraud. This background gives him useful knowledge about the process prosecutors use to build their cases. As a criminal defense attorney, he leverages this information to create robust and personalized defense strategies for his clients.

Mr. Lieberman is passionate about defending his clients. He works closely with them to provide everyone he represents with the personal attention they deserve. He is proud to offer a personal touch in these cases to pursue the optional outcome in any criminal defense case.

With years of trial experience, Ari S. Lieberman is not afraid to take a case to court. His years of experience in litigation have prepared him for the most challenging defense cases, and he is ready to offer his clients the full scope of his abilities as a criminal defense attorney.

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When you are facing criminal charges, let an experienced and committed criminal defense lawyer stand up for you. Call Mr. Lieberman at 619-984-1654 or email him here to schedule your initial consultation today.