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A Committed Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

Sex crimes are some of the most serious offenses one can face in California. They carry severe penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, substantial fines and mandatory registration as a sex offender. When an accusation alone can destroy your relationships and reputation, you need swift legal action to protect your future.

At the Law Office of Ari S. Lieberman, clients receive the committed and strategic defense they need to protect their rights and future. Mr. Lieberman is a sex offender defense attorney who understands the gravity of these charges, and he is committed to helping his clients pursue the most favorable outcome in their criminal defense cases. He guides his clients through the entire defense process, starting with identifying the severity of their charges.

Understanding The Gravity Of Sex Offender Charges

There are many different acts that can result in sex crime charges, and it is important to understand what is at stake in your unique situation. Under California Penal Code Section 290, individuals convicted of certain sex offenses must register as sex offenders with local law enforcement. The point of this registration is to promote public safety and allow law enforcement to keep track of a sex offender’s location.

Registration is commonly required for convictions related to rape, sexual battery, child molestation, possession of child pornography and other serious crimes. If the charges are severe enough, the time spent on the registration can range from 10 years to a lifetime. If a convict fails to register, they can also face additional charges.

Comprehensive Defense Services

Mr. Lieberman is committed to defending his clients against all types of sex crimes charges while providing them, including:

  1. Penal Code 261 – Rape: Non-consensual sexual intercourse, including cases involving physical force or threats of harm.
  2. Penal Code 288 – Lewd and Lascivious Acts with a Child: Sexual contact with a minor under 18, often involving force or threats.
  3. Penal Code 243.4 – Sexual Battery: Intentional touching of another person’s intimate body parts without consent.
  4. Penal Code 314 – Indecent Exposure: Intentional exposure of one’s genitals in public.
  5. Penal Code 311 – Child Pornography: Creation, distribution or possession of sexually explicit images involving minors.
  6. Penal Code 647(b) – Prostitution/Solicitation: Exchange of sexual acts for money or other compensation.
  7. 18 U.S.C. 1538 – Human Trafficking: Recruitment, transportation or harboring individuals for forced labor or sexual exploitation.

With the help of an experienced sex crime defense attorney, you can explore all opportunities of defending yourself, including negotiating for reduced charges and sentencing, maximizing plea deal offers, and building defense strategies that and combat the charges you are facing. With his background as a former prosecutor, Attorney Lieberman has unique insights into the tactics used by the opposition, making him a formidable advocate for his clients.

Give Yourself The Time You Deserve

The more time your attorney has to build your defense plan, the better. Give your sex crime defense lawyer as much time as possible by scheduling your initial consultation today. Call his San Diego office at 619-984-1654 or email him here to take the first step in your sex crime defense plan.