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Defense Against White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are non-violent offenses that commonly involve illegally gaining wealth through deceit, fraud or broken trust. These charges can be highly complicated and require a skilled white collar crime attorney to build a defense strategy you can depend on. When a conviction for your charges can mean hefty fines, imprisonment and long-term damage to one’s professional reputation, let a skilled criminal defense lawyer stand for you.

At the Law Office of Ari S. Lieberman, clients receive knowledgeable and strategic defense to protect their rights and future. White collar crime lawyer Ari S. Lieberman is a former prosecutor and uses his unique perspective to develop personalized plans to pursue the ideal outcomes in these cases. His guidance can be invaluable in white collar crime cases.

Combatting Complex Charges

White collar crimes encompass a variety of illegal activities, all of which involve some form of financial manipulation or deception. Attorney Ari S. Lieberman leverages his extensive experience to provide his clients with proactive and comprehensive defenses against all types of white collar crimes, including:

  • Fraud: Deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful financial gain. This includes securities fraud, health care fraud and tax fraud.
  • Theft: Unauthorized taking of property or funds with the intent to deprive the rightful owner permanently.
  • Embezzlement: Misappropriation of funds or property entrusted to one’s care, often occurring in corporate or employment settings.
  • Ponzi Scheme: Investment scam where investments from newer investors go to earlier investors instead of the profit from the business.
  • Money laundering: The process of making illegally gained money appear to be legitimate, often by way of transferring the assets through businesses or foreign banks.
  • Insider trading: Buying or selling of securities based on non-public, material information about a company.
  • Insurance Fraud: Lying to obtain a benefit or advantage a person wouldn’t otherwise be entitled to, including false or exaggerated claims.

At the Law Office of Ari S. Lieberman, clients are not just another case file. You can expect to receive representation from someone who cares as much about your case as you do. Mr. Lieberman works tirelessly to give each of his clients the attention and commitment they deserve. At his San Diego office, you can benefit from the representation of someone who knows these cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney.

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